Sunday, November 9, 2008

Oooooo, Spooky!

I have decided that Halloween is my favorite time of year. I told my mom this the other day and she said that it has always been my favorite time of year. It use to be just because of the candy, but now I just love the weather, the colors, and of course all the Halloween activities! I had way too much fun making Spencer's costume this year. When Mike saw the boots he said that I had officially gone overboard. Spencer loved his costume so it was worth it!
Hiking up Mueller Park Canyon by our house.
Spencer was alien and Lexi was a black cat for Halloween. They both loved their costumes!

Annual Jackson Hole Vacation

Every fall we go to Jackson Hole with our good friends the Freeman's. Our goal is to see lots of wildlife and we did this year. We haven't seen a bear for a couple years, but we did have a bull moose cross the street right in front of us which was pretty amazing! It is such a beautiful place especially in the fall. Every time we go I cannot help but feel so grateful for the amazing earth Heavenly Father has blessed us with!

OUR MOOSE!!! Talk about being in the
right place at the right time!

We took a boat over Jenny Lake and hiked to a beautiful
waterfall. Here we are the the Freeman family.

Our little family. The colors were amazing!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Enjoying September

Spencer is in preschool again this year. His preschool is right across the street which I love. Convenience is key for me. He loves it and is learning new things every day. Lexi is in a little play group with a couple friends. It makes her feel like she gets to go to school too.
Mike, his buddy Scott, and I rode the Logan to Jackson Hole ride as a relay team. I found out I was riding about 2 days before the race, but I was really excited to ride. I did 40 miles and Mike and Scott each rode 80 miles. The weather was great and we had a ton of fun.
While Mike and I were in Jackson Hole for our race, Spencer and Lexi stayed in Logan with some family. They captured monarch caterpillars and put them in jars. It was so neat because we got to watch them form coccoons and then come out as butterflies. They were so beautiful and Spencer and Lexi has so much fun watching the process. Here is Spencer with one of the butterflies.
Spencer and Lexi at the Gateway Mall. They had a circus elephant parade down the middle of the mall. My kids would do almost anything for a balloon!

Friday, October 17, 2008

August Activities!!!

We love baby Bowen!
Lee Family Reunion 2008. We went to 7 Peaks Water Park and had so much fun. Here is Lexi and Aunt Marci after their frosting war, and Spencer and Lexi with there favorite cousin William.
Playing at the Great Salt Lake. It sure was itching. Lexi didn't like it, but Spencer had a great time floating around!
The Hobblecreek half marathon women. We all finished! YEAH!!!
Playing at Grandma and Grandpa Hobbs' house. My kids love bubble baths in the jetted tub. Any more bubbles and we won't be able to find them!!!
Face painting at the Heber City Auction
Thanksgiving point with Kenzie and Grandma Hobbs


Thanks to my good friends that remind me that I haven't blogged in about forever here I am trying to get caught up. Let's get started.

Over the 4th of July our family and John and Mel and their family went camping in Montana. We stayed at the most beautiful place called Emerald Lake. There is nothing like Montana scenery. Absolutely amazing!!!

Mystic Lake

It was a 3 mile hike up the Mystic Lake. All the kids did great. Come on Spencer, keep it up!

Say Cheese!
A prime example of how well Spencer listens! His older (and bigger) cousins kept jumping from the shore of the lake to a large rock out in the lake. Well, we told Spencer multiple times not to jump, but I guess he didn't hear us (selective hearing) and tried to make the jump and landed right in the water. Right after his Uncle John pulled him out he yelled, "That was awesome!" Then he realized how cold he was and it wasn't so awesome. Some lady at the top let us borrow her sweatshirt and I carried him down most of the way until he could warm up.

Lexi and her cousin Michelle playing in the tent

Our campsite

Should I be worried?

Bear Tooth mountain range
Old Faithful with the gang

Friday, June 13, 2008


I have been training all winter for a 1/2 ironman triathlon which I finally did this last weekend. I finished, but boy was it grueling. It can be summed up by saying freezing water and VERY strong wind gust THE WHOLE TIME!!! The water was SOOOO cold and the wind was going against the current. I survived the 1.2 mile swim, barely, and then had to have someone help peel off my wetsuit because my hands were frozen. I was so excited to get on my bike to warm up until I hit the 30mph head wind like a brick wall. The 56 mile bike ride almost did me in since about 70% of it was into a head wind. I was actually looking forward to running as long as I could get off my bike. The run was actually the easiest part of the whole race, as easy as 13.1 miles can be. It took me almost 7 1/2 hours to complete, but I finished. According to Spencer I won and that is all that matters. I must say I was pretty proud of myself!
This cap has got to keep me warm, right?
Starting the bike ride. Here I go!
I finished the ride, here comes the run. My 2 favorite cheerleaders were right there with me!
YEAH!!! I finished! I am a half ironwoman!

Oh those EYES!!! She sure can melt us with those beautiful blue eyes!

Lexi is 2!!!

Our sweet little Alexis turned 2 on May 12th, and believe it or not she is still sweet. She loves babies, and is a cute little mom to them. She loves to snuggle with her mom and dad, which we love! We can't believe our baby is getting so big. We love to watch her learn and grow every day!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Our First Time Out With The Camper!

A couple weeks ago and packed up the camper and headed down to Goblin Valley (just west of Moab). You also drive right by and San Rafael Swell which is an incredible sight! It was so amazing! The campsite in Goblin Valley was actually full so we found a little place to camp right up next to these rock cliffs. Spencer spent the weekend throwing rocks and killing Decepticons, and Lexi just ran around throwing and eating dirt. Saturday we went into Goblin Valley which was such a neat place. It's this whole valley full of these fun rock formations that look like little goblins or mushrooms. We all just ran around climbing on the rocks and playing hide-and-go-seek. There's not a tree in sight, but the weather was beautiful. Our new little camper made it such a comfortable weekend. Saturday night it got pretty windy so we brought the stove inside, cooked our dinner, ate at our little table, and played games on Mike's phone. We had so much fun just being together as a family and enjoying this beautiful earth we live on. We can't wait to go camping again!
Our campsite!
Eating Breakfast
Goblin Valley