Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our Pre-School Graduate!

Yeah, our first graduation! Kindergarten, here Spencer comes!

New Kitchen Update

So Mike and I had a crazy idea years ago to knock out the east wall to our house and add on to our kitchen. Well that crazy idea has become reality. I forgot to take a before picture, but here are some progress pictures. It is really coming along. Luckily I have the greatest husband who made a little kitchen for us in the laundry room. He hung some old cabinets, moved down the stove, installed a sink, and even our table fits. Considering everything it hasn't been that bad, except for all the dust I have to vacuum off of everything in the current kitchen every morning. Plus we have kind of gotten use to having the fridge in the living room. Grab a spoon, a thing of ice cream, turn on your favorite movie and you're good to go!

The kitchen before the exterior wall came down.

The "BEAM" that made it possible to have a large kitchen without any supporting beams coming down. Thank you Bryce, the mastermind!

This is our new kitchen. What will we do with all this space? I am sure we will figure that out! Lexi is our little Vanna White!

Our Princess is 3!

Lexi has been talking about having a princess party for about 3 months. We told all the girls that came to the party to dress up in their princess dresses. Lexi also got some new princess dresses from her Grandma Hobbs. What a perfect day!

Lexi with her favorite new princess dress.

All the princesses!