Friday, October 17, 2008

August Activities!!!

We love baby Bowen!
Lee Family Reunion 2008. We went to 7 Peaks Water Park and had so much fun. Here is Lexi and Aunt Marci after their frosting war, and Spencer and Lexi with there favorite cousin William.
Playing at the Great Salt Lake. It sure was itching. Lexi didn't like it, but Spencer had a great time floating around!
The Hobblecreek half marathon women. We all finished! YEAH!!!
Playing at Grandma and Grandpa Hobbs' house. My kids love bubble baths in the jetted tub. Any more bubbles and we won't be able to find them!!!
Face painting at the Heber City Auction
Thanksgiving point with Kenzie and Grandma Hobbs


Thanks to my good friends that remind me that I haven't blogged in about forever here I am trying to get caught up. Let's get started.

Over the 4th of July our family and John and Mel and their family went camping in Montana. We stayed at the most beautiful place called Emerald Lake. There is nothing like Montana scenery. Absolutely amazing!!!

Mystic Lake

It was a 3 mile hike up the Mystic Lake. All the kids did great. Come on Spencer, keep it up!

Say Cheese!
A prime example of how well Spencer listens! His older (and bigger) cousins kept jumping from the shore of the lake to a large rock out in the lake. Well, we told Spencer multiple times not to jump, but I guess he didn't hear us (selective hearing) and tried to make the jump and landed right in the water. Right after his Uncle John pulled him out he yelled, "That was awesome!" Then he realized how cold he was and it wasn't so awesome. Some lady at the top let us borrow her sweatshirt and I carried him down most of the way until he could warm up.

Lexi and her cousin Michelle playing in the tent

Our campsite

Should I be worried?

Bear Tooth mountain range
Old Faithful with the gang