Sunday, September 13, 2009

Am I too late to update?

So I must admit (although I am sure it is no surprise) I am not very good at this blogging thing because I am so behind. I decided since my baby is due in a couple weeks I better do some updating now, so here we go. Here are some fun pictures of our great summer!
Rededication of Grandma Pam's (Mike's mom) grave over the 24th of July.
Fun on the slip and slide and Grandma Ellen's.
Our budding dance star! Lexi took her first ballet class this summer.
Fun at Lagoon. I couldn't go on any rides, but Spencer and Lexi didn't care. The 2 of them ran from ride to ride all day long, and this one they rode 4 times!
Spencer and Mike at Wall Lake with the priests. Who knew that it would snow on them. Mike packed in a huge sleeping bag so they stayed toasty warm. Isn't that what dads are for? Way to go Mike!
Camping up near Strawberry. My parents, Jake, Abby, and Makenzie and Bowen came too. We were glad to have their company.
Our little warriors. Watch out, they can be fierce!
Mike and his brothers ran the Hobblecreek 1/2 marathon. They all finished and did a great job!
Playing in the fountain at the Gateway Mall. We spent a lot of time in the water this summer. At the pool I just beached myself on the side and my kids swam for hours. Can you believe I dared wear a bathing suit at 8 months pregnant! Well I did and it was worth it to stay cool!
First day of school. Lexi just started preschool and of course wouldn't let me walk her to school on her first day. I just had to stand in the driveway and watch. She is so independent. Spencer started Kindergarten this year. He likes it except for the every day thing. I like having the break every day though. They are both growing so fast!

Our Kitchen is Finished!!!

The finished product! We still have some exterior stuff to do, but the inside has been done since and end of July. Every day I walk into my kitchen I feel spoiled. I love all the room we have and I think it turned out excellent! Mike basically designed the whole thing and I think he did a GREAT job!