Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oh So Cute!

Tyson's Grandma Lee is on a mission in South Africa, so we decided to take a little video of Tyson so she can see how he is growing. Ellen, we hope you enjoy this!

We Love Candy!!!

We had a great Halloween. Spencer was a ninja, Lexi was a Care Bear, and Tyson was a ghost. Trick-or Treat!

Monday, November 9, 2009

We love our baby brother!!!

Spencer and Lexi love their little brother so much. He is such a great baby and we feel so lucky to have him in our home!
1 Week Old
3 Weeks Old
4 Weeks Old

Do we look related or what!

Poor Baby Tyson

So we had a little scare a few weeks ago. Tyson developed a little temperature so I took him to the doctors and since he was only 3 weeks old they sent us to the ER at Primary Childrens hospital. They ended up finding viral meningitis (sounds scary, but it the bacterial form that is really scary) and the croupe virus. The crazy thing is that his only symptoms were a low fever and grunting. His oxygen also kept dropping and maintaining in the 70's so we ended up staying there for almost 4 days, but he is home now happy and healthy and we are so relieved.