Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's time for my quarterly update!

What a fun summer we have had, and not doing anything really special, but just hanging out and playing lots. We went swimming, camping, boating, fishing, biking, hiking, running, and played with cousins and friends a lot! Here are some fun pictures of our great summer!
We caught this snake when we were camping up American Fork canyon.

Lexi and Spencer ran the 1 mile fun run for the first time this year down in Fairview on the 24th of July! GO RUNNERS!!!

Hanging with friends at Bear Lake

Lexi fishing. Everyone got to catch a fish. Yummy!

Spencer has wanted a mohawk for a long time so when Uncle Jake got one he had to follow suit!

I would die to have eyelashes like these!

All my siblings

Yes, that is a parrot on Spencer's head. This is us at Lagoon.


carolee said...

I love the look on Lexi's face with the parrot on Spencer's head! Too funny!

Marliese said...

Hey Tiff! I had fun catching up on your blog. You look great (but what's new?:); your kids are precious--I can't get over Tyson's hair and eyes!; and it looks like you are living life to the fullest--staying busy and happy. Miss you!

Alison said...

Super cute! Looks like you are growing your hair out! I want to see! I had a dream last night that we all got together. It was at Amy P.'s wedding!! ;) Hope you are doing well!